Living on $5,000 a year, on purpose: Meet America’s ’intentional poor’

Living on $5,000 a year, on purpose: Meet America’s ’intentional poor’.

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En Garde

ImageLast night was my first Fencing class. I signed up for a 4 week course at the local college and was very nervous, having not been in a classroom for many, many years now. But this was a good start. I’ve been browsing through the course catalog for years now, but I could never get home in time from work to make it to any of the classes. And weekends were out since they were reserved for the more important things that couldn’t be accomplished during the week. You know, important, life altering tasks, like laundry, food shopping and cleaning. 

My first fear was “Would I be the only person that signed up.” I mean, really, how many people do you know that fence?  My second fear was that it would be a class full of current college kids OR a group of 60+ ladies wearing red hats. 

My son’s way of responding to fear #1 when I shared it? “That’s a valid fear, Mom.” Thanks, kiddo! 

Being nervous and not knowing the layout of the campus, I arrived 15 minutes early. I was the only person in the classroom, aside from the teacher, exacerbating fear #1.  Tick tock, tick tock.  Would anyone else be coming?  I hear shuffling in the back of the room…YES! Another student. NO! An older woman, sans the red hat. She sits down next to me, we introduce ourselves and she tells me that she has actually taken fencing before! OK, so it was back when she was in college, but still, a ringer. 

People begin showing up little by little and by 10 minutes after the hour we were a complete class of 12 from older women to young college boys. 

I had a great time and learned a bit of history and many of the rules of fencing. The teacher is a former Olympian medalist and a very interesting man. It is nothing like I expected (based on Errol Flynn movies) but I can’t wait for next week.

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New Day = New Experiences

New Day = New Experiences

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”~Albert Einstein

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“Everything tha…

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”
-Albert Einstein

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401(k) Rollovers: How to roll over a 401(k) to a No Fee IRA

I have to figure out what to do today as this is the money I will be living off of for the next few months. I want to pay the lowest fees and only take out what I absolutely need. Planning time.

401(k) Rollovers: How to roll over a 401(k) to a No Fee IRA.

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Met with a recruiter this morning. He has a few jobs that he will submit my resume for. Also heard back from another recruiter with some questions from a firm she sent my resume in to. It was a busy day from morning until night, but, overall, a boring day. So tomorrow I have to make sure I get out of the house to do SOMETHING INTERESTING OR FUN. I couldn’t even get the kids to hang with me tonight. Too many years of being on their own have made them very independent, which is good. But they used to want to spend what ever free time I had with me. Not tonight. 

Applied for unemployment today and signed up for Fencing classes on Wednesday nights. 


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Day 5 – Sunday

I got nothing. Meeting with a recruiter tomorrow morning. Why did I schedule this on a Monday morning? I was looking forward to a Monday morning with nothing to do. I guess there is always next Monday.

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Day 4 – Making breakfast

I may be getting the hang of staying home. I still got up early this morning, but didn’t have that “6,000 things to do and only 48 hours to do them” feeling. I told my son yesterday about being out of work and he took it pretty well, after the initial panic. His insight: I should be a much calmer person now. So his first task for me this AM as a stress free Mom? Make him breakfast.  

I know it was just breakfast, but it was awesome! Turkey and cheese omelet for him and coffee and corn bread for me. We actually sat and talked about his night out and I wasn’t half-listening, stressing about all the things I had to do. Loved it! 

More things I’ve wanted to do, but never had time for:

  • Learn to use a digital camera
  • Learn Italian
  • Have a dinner party
  • Volunteer at the local soup kitchen
  • Date
  • Take an archaeology course

Checking the local college courses now, more to come…



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Atlantic Highlands NJ

Atlantic Highlands NJ

To do: learn to use a digital camera

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Friday – Day 3 @ home

It’s Friday, but I guess that doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

I have only told one person that I am no longer working, aside from recruiters. I’ve kept it from the kids so far, but I may tell them over the weekend. I didn’t want my son worrying all week during school. He had enough stuff going on and he worries too much.

Running: Started the C25K program today. Hot as Hades, so probably not the best day to start, but I don’t have any excuses. Can’t sit around watching TV. Well, I can, but I would go out of my mind!Image

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