Day 2 @ home

I’m still trying to get comfortable with the idea that I do not have to constantly check e-mails. I haven’t had to do that since the early ’80’s. Weird and actually very freeing after I get over the initial stomach churn. Actually, my stomach churns twice: First, when I realize I haven’t checked my e-mail, I worry that I missed something important. Then again, when I realize I don’t have to check e-mail, because I don’t have a job.

Also found out today that I cannot submit a claim for unemployment until Monday and then it wont kick in for 2 weeks. Nice. Sent some info to my lawyer for negotiating a severance package, then…

“A harder day will arrive October 3, when Uranus in Aries will oppose the Sun in Libra…If you are being downsized, you may be discussing your exit package. (Don’t worry if you are leaving one job – as you will soon see, Mars will help you find a plethora of opportunity for a new prestigious position.”

OK, so it really wasn’t a harder day and I am happy about the plethora of opportunities. I did speak with a few recruiters today, so we’ll see where things go. It was actually a boring day which is perfectly fine by me. I was able to stay off Facebook today, but watched an awful lot of television. Just swapping evils. Tomorrow I start running. I always said that the reason I didn’t run was I didn’t have time. Nothing but time now.

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