Day 4 – Making breakfast

I may be getting the hang of staying home. I still got up early this morning, but didn’t have that “6,000 things to do and only 48 hours to do them” feeling. I told my son yesterday about being out of work and he took it pretty well, after the initial panic. His insight: I should be a much calmer person now. So his first task for me this AM as a stress free Mom? Make him breakfast.  

I know it was just breakfast, but it was awesome! Turkey and cheese omelet for him and coffee and corn bread for me. We actually sat and talked about his night out and I wasn’t half-listening, stressing about all the things I had to do. Loved it! 

More things I’ve wanted to do, but never had time for:

  • Learn to use a digital camera
  • Learn Italian
  • Have a dinner party
  • Volunteer at the local soup kitchen
  • Date
  • Take an archaeology course

Checking the local college courses now, more to come…



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