En Garde

ImageLast night was my first Fencing class. I signed up for a 4 week course at the local college and was very nervous, having not been in a classroom for many, many years now. But this was a good start. I’ve been browsing through the course catalog for years now, but I could never get home in time from work to make it to any of the classes. And weekends were out since they were reserved for the more important things that couldn’t be accomplished during the week. You know, important, life altering tasks, like laundry, food shopping and cleaning. 

My first fear was “Would I be the only person that signed up.” I mean, really, how many people do you know that fence?  My second fear was that it would be a class full of current college kids OR a group of 60+ ladies wearing red hats. 

My son’s way of responding to fear #1 when I shared it? “That’s a valid fear, Mom.” Thanks, kiddo! 

Being nervous and not knowing the layout of the campus, I arrived 15 minutes early. I was the only person in the classroom, aside from the teacher, exacerbating fear #1.  Tick tock, tick tock.  Would anyone else be coming?  I hear shuffling in the back of the room…YES! Another student. NO! An older woman, sans the red hat. She sits down next to me, we introduce ourselves and she tells me that she has actually taken fencing before! OK, so it was back when she was in college, but still, a ringer. 

People begin showing up little by little and by 10 minutes after the hour we were a complete class of 12 from older women to young college boys. 

I had a great time and learned a bit of history and many of the rules of fencing. The teacher is a former Olympian medalist and a very interesting man. It is nothing like I expected (based on Errol Flynn movies) but I can’t wait for next week.

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1 Response to En Garde

  1. duebyfriday says:

    sounds exciting! Glad it seems like a good teacher and good group for class, I think I might have to get something like this going again. I think fencing classes might be a bit out of my budget, but I might start volunteering again somewhere or taking some smaller steps towards something like this. Good luck!

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